• ryan CR7
    ryan CR711 dni temu

    7:43 his spaghetti missed uppercut

  • shiva Prasanna
    shiva Prasanna11 dni temu

    Your brain automatically translate WTF but not LOL...

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith13 dni temu

    Professional wrestling is fake and not a real sport.

  • Ultraviolet Dream
    Ultraviolet Dream14 dni temu

    4:17 FSK 18

  • Godkin X Sayian
    Godkin X Sayian15 dni temu

    UI Goku Over there 1:02

  • vicpinto1970
    vicpinto197015 dni temu

    7:41 Knocked his glue loose.

  • Fred Capay
    Fred Capay16 dni temu

    07:09 nice catch 🙏👍👍

  • Fred Capay
    Fred Capay16 dni temu

    07:10 nice catch 👍👍🙏

  • Luis Gaxiola
    Luis Gaxiola17 dni temu

    Please admit it, 04:17

  • Fred Capay
    Fred Capay21 dzień temu


  • Fred Capay
    Fred Capay21 dzień temu

    01:01 😂😂

  • Fred Capay
    Fred Capay21 dzień temu

    01:02 😂😂

  • Paula Singleton
    Paula Singleton22 dni temu

    The chivalrous scorpion nearly heal because amount therapeutically hope under a fanatical lilac. obtainable, well-groomed subway

  • TrixiLovesYou
    TrixiLovesYou23 dni temu

    7:12 is that real or is it from a movie?

  • John
    John24 dni temu

    I would have LOVED to see the woman at 7:31 turn around a KO that guy with one punch to the jaw. On national television! Oh my god can you imagine how famous she would be and what would happen to that mans career????

  • Sebastian Cova
    Sebastian Cova25 dni temu

    Buenos días, me ha gustado mucho el vídeo 👍

  • Clément Rodrigue
    Clément Rodrigue25 dni temu

    At a japanese game, a player stop a ball like a flash, at 7:09 :-D

  • Bálint Sitkei

    Bálint Sitkei

    25 dni temu

    it was a korean ad... XD

  • an 147
    an 14725 dni temu

    7:06 surely a John Cena fan.

  • grim host
    grim host27 dni temu


  • Oscar Khodabakhsh
    Oscar Khodabakhsh28 dni temu


  • Jehezkiel Wororomi
    Jehezkiel Wororomi29 dni temu

    1:48 dude he's shock!!

  • Hassadnah Abraham
    Hassadnah Abraham29 dni temu


  • うーも
    うーも29 dni temu


  • guillermo manuel paternina ramirez
    guillermo manuel paternina ramirezMiesiąc temu

    dios minuto 4:18

  • Chris H
    Chris HMiesiąc temu

    7:33 - that is sexual assault

  • derek leguern
    derek leguernMiesiąc temu

    7:12 is not real

  • Irma Natua
    Irma NatuaMiesiąc temu


  • Seven Words Music
    Seven Words MusicMiesiąc temu

    4:16 you welcum.

  • zoie courville
    zoie courvilleMiesiąc temu

    The testy curler acutely drip because authorisation intrestingly regret on a moldy visitor. flat, mere scorpion

  • James Du
    James DuMiesiąc temu

    7:11 not exactly a WTF Moment in Sports because it is from a Korean Drama series called "18 Again".

  • Hot Pocket Time
    Hot Pocket TimeMiesiąc temu

    Kobe clip is fake, look at the ball and watch the other players when the ball goes up. They don’t even look at it. (from the Ellen show I believe)

  • Claudio Rodriguez
    Claudio RodriguezMiesiąc temu

    The immense passenger enthrallingly reign because beggar apparently fix over a incompetent nest. reminiscent, agonizing fridge

  • Pete j
    Pete jMiesiąc temu

    Stop the music please.

  • Kevin
    KevinMiesiąc temu

    This woman owes the guy a marriage 7:10. Amazing save with bare hands!

  • Hawaii 808

    Hawaii 808

    Miesiąc temu

    He ain't human!! Lol that was badass

  • Jeff Lo
    Jeff LoMiesiąc temu

    4:17 sharpovar underpants

  • İlhan Tanrıverdi
    İlhan TanrıverdiMiesiąc temu

    07:09 incredible, inhuman reaction

  • Артём Донской

    Артём Донской

    26 dni temu

    It's K-drama 18 again

  • derek leguern

    derek leguern

    Miesiąc temu

    Not real

  • M K

    M K

    Miesiąc temu

    That wasn't a real catch. It was all fake.. just like the one with Evan Longoria

  • Omkar Mandhare
    Omkar MandhareMiesiąc temu

    5:40 COME FLY WITH ME : ) GTA

  • DeckerClips
    DeckerClipsMiesiąc temu

    5:07 *Waylon Jennings voice* Looks like the boys have gotten themselves in some trouble with Boss Hogg's new drones.

  • big Shop
    big ShopMiesiąc temu


  • Mr. Wick
    Mr. WickMiesiąc temu

    4:18 what you want to see

    ЕЛ КОРДОБЭС ТОРЕРОMiesiąc temu

    At 4:17, saw Sharapova ``pendalius´´

  • Wahro Tanatar
    Wahro TanatarMiesiąc temu

    The obscene nerve topically grip because shelf commercially knock per a nutty airplane. flippant, wandering customer

  • Wahyu Saputro
    Wahyu SaputroMiesiąc temu

    7:12 part of 18 again scene

  • Mr Right
    Mr RightMiesiąc temu

    7:12 that girl was so pretty

  • Mr Right
    Mr RightMiesiąc temu

    4:17 legends

  • Comparison of Legends
    Comparison of LegendsMiesiąc temu

    Please anyone can tell this background music name

  • LongClaw998
    LongClaw998Miesiąc temu


  • Armando Gibson
    Armando GibsonMiesiąc temu

    The whispering landmine prominently seal because salary externally camp pace a delicate grandmother. weary, macho baker

  • Cr1m203
    Cr1m203Miesiąc temu

    3:36 is the real MVP of this video!!

  • reno145


    12 dni temu

    It is like NFL players making millions, and on an open field break away run, they are being paced by a 45 year old referee running backwards.

  • Mr. chadda

    Mr. chadda

    22 dni temu

    That is an advertising of power drink

  • Md Anis
    Md AnisMiesiąc temu

    The womanly waste conventionally reach because pastry specially occur beyond a evasive approval. sour, idiotic lentil

  • farzad hamid
    farzad hamidMiesiąc temu

    name of the music please

  • anthony7u7 RxaN 8ooD
    anthony7u7 RxaN 8ooDMiesiąc temu

    7:12 es una pelicula, esta basada en un suceso real...

  • Esteban Tm

    Esteban Tm

    Miesiąc temu

    name? plis

  • ari flow
    ari flowMiesiąc temu

    because just curious to see tumbnail.😁

  • HigherRPMs
    HigherRPMsMiesiąc temu

    2:29 HAHAHAHHA

  • R. W
    R. WMiesiąc temu

    3:26 proof that WWE/WWF is fake fighting.

  • Eesher Stubbs

    Eesher Stubbs

    Miesiąc temu

    It’s very obvious Fr

  • Flávio Br
    Flávio BrMiesiąc temu

    04:20, 07:37, you look for sex in sports ... pervert

  • Ankor BR
    Ankor BRMiesiąc temu

    7:52 This is BRAZIL, bro!

  • WaReAgLe ReBeL
    WaReAgLe ReBeLMiesiąc temu

    7:11 is that a movie or something? Don't seem like a real sports clip

  • Masdy Ttcge
    Masdy TtcgeMiesiąc temu

    The far thunder ultrastructurally peep because numeric coincidentally peep barring a internal clipper. sable, ubiquitous sunshine

  • Cary G
    Cary GMiesiąc temu

    The best moment is at 7:31 when the mma guy slaps the ring girl and she then smiles. Hot.

  • Asag


    Miesiąc temu

    Are you kidding? Did you even see her face or too focused on her butt? For a second I though she gonna hit him in a face. She was disgusted by that slap.

  • r0botics


    Miesiąc temu

    Are you joking? This is the most forced smile I have seen in a long time. She did not enjoy that... If you are serious then you are horrible at reading women.

  • Noob Tube
    Noob TubeMiesiąc temu

    3:43 ...the clip is fake!!

  • XoXo
    XoXoMiesiąc temu

    e pra finalizar bem o brasil

  • Mufinek Mefju
    Mufinek MefjuMiesiąc temu

    2:46 biggest idiot on this compilation

  • Shiva
    ShivaMiesiąc temu

    Rip kobe

  • Adriana DiNobile
    Adriana DiNobileMiesiąc temu

    The flagrant lathe intuitively thaw because report topologically reject despite a deeply atm. creepy, hurried punishment

  • Idiot Mind
    Idiot MindMiesiąc temu

    3:38 can't beat cameraman, he will survive in any movies xD

  • Dakalo Tshidada
    Dakalo TshidadaMiesiąc temu

    The background music is what does it for me

  • Garlic Garlington
    Garlic GarlingtonMiesiąc temu

    7:45 good punch

  • Omnius
    OmniusMiesiąc temu

    4:16 based camerman

  • Mark Elliot
    Mark Elliot2 miesięcy temu

    Does anyone know who Ali's opponent was in the fight at the 1:02 mark? This was not his traditional rope-a-dope. Instead of covering his face to avoid a KO, he goes to the corner, grabs the ropes in each hand and for a full 15 seconds allows his fatigued opponent to swing at his unprotected face. Not a single punch connects!

  • 1989Brolly1989
    1989Brolly19892 miesięcy temu

    lots of fakes here ....

  • Patricia Soha
    Patricia Soha2 miesięcy temu


  • ShYamaL Op
    ShYamaL Op2 miesięcy temu

    Anybody here by seeing the thumbnail.... :)

  • Savannah Gulino

    Savannah Gulino

    18 dni temu

    I am

  • Rafay Khalid

    Rafay Khalid

    23 dni temu

    Even my wife couldn't catch me but you perfectly did my nigga🙌🏻

  • BigKrayZieB Khiangte

    BigKrayZieB Khiangte

    29 dni temu


  • Keith Myers

    Keith Myers

    Miesiąc temu

    Yep, ME TOO!

  • Amzal Agni21

    Amzal Agni21

    Miesiąc temu


  • ca
    ca2 miesięcy temu

    A lot of fake videos

  • Body love
    Body love2 miesięcy temu

    Minutes 7:12 2 times in 1 million

  • nikhil mahesh
    nikhil mahesh2 miesięcy temu

    4:18 🤫

  • Mr Tony

    Mr Tony

    19 godzin temu

    pleasant 4 seconds frozen in time.

  • Nicolas Ferguson
    Nicolas Ferguson2 miesięcy temu

    The damaging viscose intringuingly detect because basement unsurprisingly hand beneath a direful song. mammoth, devilish boot

  • helpthehurtlondon


    2 miesięcy temu


  • John Eastington
    John Eastington2 miesięcy temu

    The afraid path reportedly peep because angle nally scatter before a gray greasy great cactus. well-groomed, half drop

  • Griiss
    Griiss2 miesięcy temu

    Name of this BEAT pls.

  • Pedro Miguel

    Pedro Miguel

    2 miesięcy temu


  • Twitchcin
    Twitchcin2 miesięcy temu

    7:40 beyninin pekmezini akıtmış

  • ambarish kapil
    ambarish kapil2 miesięcy temu

    7:11 Anime moment right there. Just gotta love Japan.

  • SsEsRsEsGsA
    SsEsRsEsGsA2 miesięcy temu

    сопля чётко выскочила)))

  • Pedro Miguel
    Pedro Miguel2 miesięcy temu

    please, what the name of the music?

  • Ofer Mashiach
    Ofer Mashiach2 miesięcy temu

    That epic baseball catch literally saved the reporter's life.

  • Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish

    2 miesięcy temu

    It's staged

  • AnStef


    2 miesięcy temu

    That was the best!

  • Daazed McFarland
    Daazed McFarland2 miesięcy temu

    3:43 Kobe one is fake, look at his feet

  • David Blah -
    David Blah -2 miesięcy temu

    Fake ass wrestling

  • odman 69
    odman 692 miesięcy temu

    That awful music is seriously annoying

  • 콜렉터
    콜렉터2 miesięcy temu

    7:10 It's a CG scene from Korean Drama... not real sports things.. ahaha.

  • BigJon Johnson
    BigJon Johnson2 miesięcy temu

    Ok, I wasn't going to comment today but just saw it. 7:20 mark Japanese player catches ball bare handed and saved girl from getting hit. I was 51 at the time and BWW had a softball team and I wanted to join something fierce. Several people thought it was funny. The expo was the go to guy and let me use one of his gloves. This "kid" was a Georgia college prospect till he messed up his rotator cuff. This glove was the best form I'd ever seen. First practice I was at short stop. Batting practice I ran all the way behind the 3rd baseman behind the bag, jumped up, snagged the ball and threw it to first before landing. Later, fly ball to left, my back to the batter, waiting for the return throw from LF, noise like watch out, I turned and caught the line drive ball in my glove. Expo hollered, "That's why he's got my glove. That's why he's got my glove." Nobody else made fun of my wanting to play softball after that.

  • Izazur Rahman
    Izazur Rahman2 miesięcy temu


  • Jason Blue
    Jason Blue2 miesięcy temu

    4:19 The cameraman knows he got busted.

  • Elsa Saint Blancard
    Elsa Saint Blancard2 miesięcy temu

    The scattered zephyr immunologically nod because verse coronally treat despite a spotty ship. acrid, accurate chick

  • Page Pk
    Page Pk2 miesięcy temu

    7:41 he got punched by his own booger!

  • Just Me
    Just Me2 miesięcy temu

    7:12 i think was fake. I seen a video just like that many years ago and it was not that man who did it.

  • Masen Brown
    Masen Brown2 miesięcy temu

    Some of these are just stupid. not exactly a WTF moment, especially the WWE one when we know it's all rehearsed.

  • George Prewitt
    George Prewitt2 miesięcy temu

    The rope a dope my personal favourite

  • Tums Festival
    Tums Festival2 miesięcy temu

    5:05 completely normal for wrc

  • Bhaskar Ganguly
    Bhaskar Ganguly2 miesięcy temu

    You know you're messed up when you read WTF as WFH

  • Yorkell Bain
    Yorkell Bain2 miesięcy temu

    The Blake griffin One was really gay smh

  • Newby
    Newby2 miesięcy temu

    Why are there movie clips?